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Flatbush Zombies


I live by D.R.U.G.S., which stands for ‘death and reincarnation under god's supervision.’ I fully believe we’ve been here before. I died when I was 16—that was the first time I did shrooms. I got hit in the face with reality. After all the years of brainwashing and bullshit, that trip really woke me up. That’s when I became a zombie.”Vice Online, Valentine’s Day 2012.


Meechy of the buzzing trio Flatbush Zombies (including fellow emcee Zombie Juice and producer Eric “Arc” Elliott) offers a hazy glimpse into the beginnings of an underground sensation. With a heavy early-90’s influence, the Brooklyn natives are carving out their corner of the industry by elevating their listeners lyrically. Part of a recently resurgent NY hip hop scene, The Zombies alongside the ASAP Mob, Pro Era, World Fair, Bodega Bamz and the Underacheivers are part of a new school movement named the Beast Coast. Their breakthrough video Thug Waffle introduced the crews signature trap-music-acid-washed-through-the-eyes-of-a-socially-conscious-hippy sound. 100,000 Youtube views and a Lana Del Rey co-sign later, the zombies lurched their way onto the festival scene, becoming a stand-out act at Afropunk, South by SouthWest and Paid Dues. With just a little over a year of experience together, the perpetually faded trio unleashed the stoner classic mixtape D.R.U.G.S,

 Proving that even Zombies can evolve, Better Off Dead marked the groups march into a more politically aware sound. From the menacing thump of the opener Amerikkkan Pie, the boys let it be known that even through the clouds of smoke they consistently exhale, they have their eyes (all three) trained on the injustice they’ve grown up experiencing.

 Fans awaiting more material to sink they’re teeth into shouldn’t have to wait long. Just a few months after dropping Better Off Dead, the horde of Brooklyn undead is prepping to release a new EP this Spring, entitled It’s All A Matter of Perspective. Here’s the lead single, LiT.