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Since the inception of hip hop itself, the city of Boston has been waiting for a legitimate contender to represent the talent the city has to offer. While consistently churning out respected veterans like Ed OG, The Almighty R.S.O. and the occasional legend (Gang Starr), Boston is still looked down upon when it comes to emcees. That may all change with the self-proclaimed General, Lski.
Boasting a high-energy flow coupled with authentic street lyrics, Lski paints a vivid picture of the side of Boston rarely shown or spoken about. Growing up on infamous Blue Hill Ave, he has a wealth of experience from which to draw from. His biggest triumph may be his ability to blend both the worldwide appeal of mainstream rap with a gritty underground message. On “The Red Light” mixtape, he showcases his ability to craft a detailed package that sonically recreates his world. 
Doing so with such a high level of panache only shines more light on what may be the start of a main event level player. We are just at the beginning of his career, and with a building buzz reverberating throughout Boston he shows no signs of slowdown. Already becoming a constant to the Middle East venue in Cambridge (where he has opened for the likes of Big Sean, The LOX, and Bone Thugs, to name a few), perhaps Boston has finally found its first representative to be its flag bearer. Here’s his latest, “Keep It Close.”
Words by Danny Latimer