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Bread Bruh

After traveling the United States with a military family, it’s fitting that Bread Bruh’s music has an eclectic mix of styles and influences. Harkening back to a time in hip hop where the gritty realities of life permeated the music, the poetic enigma has positioned himself outside of the box. Representing the GHXSTGVNG outfit, as well as the Slumericans, Bread’s high energy cadence is the perfect vehicle for the message he so desires to spread.

Bread’s unique charisma extends to all parts of his brand. His attire is pure punk rock. His website is a kindred spirit to horror movies. The quirkiest visual representation may belong to his video for “Ratchet,” in which he eats bullets (literally, from a bowl) for breakfast. Following in the mold of eccentric and talented Gemini artists like Kanye West, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac and Miles Davis, Bread’s self assuredness allows him to present his vision without filter. The spirit of punk rock permeates his sound, and on his last mixtape The Treatment, we see a darker advancement of the blueprint laid out in his debut The Release.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a hip hop artist so determined to spread truth. Bread is the type of artist that could bring back a renaissance of consciousness in hip hop that hasn’t been seen since the early '90s. While he is readying the anticipated follow-up albums RIP and Sin, you can follow Bread’s exploits on Instagram (@breadbruv) and Twitter (@BREAD_BRUH).

Words by Danny Latimer