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Oveck Interview



Full of moody tones and lush imagery, Oveck’s art is both surreal and emotionally revealing. He has amassed a huge cult following of devoted fans on Instagram, all while writing music, creating music videos, and working professionally in film and photography. False Prophet decided to ask him a few questions so that you can get to know the man behind our collaboration:

1. Can you describe your ideas and process behind the creation of the man with the smoking head?

This idea came out of frustration, it was one of those days that I felt would never end. I started experimenting with some images but had nothing coming along, after many attempts to create something that was in my mind but with no luck of getting it right, I thought of creating something that expressed exactly how I felt that day.

That's why I named it "Excessive Thinking."    

2. What are the main ideas/feelings that you try to communicate to the viewer through the majority of your imagery?

I usually try to express melancholy, beauty and darkness.

3. Do you feel that your music influences your photography and vice versa?

Yes I do, if you listen to my music you'll find similarities in the melodies.

4. How often do you go out and shoot? Or is it something spontaneous?

I don't always plan it, but sometimes I do. I shoot photography and film, but my artistic work is usually spontaneous.

5. Who are some of your artistic influences/inspirations?

I get inspired by many people, including people on the street and others who I meet along the way, but two who really inspire me deeply are musician Tom Waits and visual artist Storm Thorgerson.


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