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Twisted Nation: Why We Need Political Action

Things are what they seem: Bad.

The outlook is devastating if you care deeply about our country. The corporations and elite have twisted our nation and democracy and captured our political and economic system. They're pushing their agenda, lining their pockets, destroying our environment, starting wars and manipulating the true will of the nation.  

False Prophet Clothing created the Twisted Nation line and the Twisted Nation Tee to give a voice to the people who recognize that our situation is dire. It’s beyond absurd to go on this way. This is reality:

  • We have for-profit prisons that are traded on Wall Street. This has made America the most incarcerated industrial nation on earth. Even worse, huge swaths of these people are low-level drug users or dealers. 
  • Our food is processed, containing all types of preservatives and engineered flavors, the food we put into our bodies is straight up unhealthy
  • The theater of the absurd then continues with our military. At the direction of the political elites and their handlers/lobbyists, our military is involved in countless “humanitarian interventions” and an endless war on terrorism.

We could go on and on about the demise of our democracy, but we won’t. This nation was founded on revolution, but also genocide, land theft, and slavery. Truth and determination have bettered this nation in great waves, from abolition to suffrage to the Civil Rights Movement to electing a biracial president. False Prophet is about spreading the truth through art, so take action by refusing to let this Twisted Nation ignore its problems. Demand a better America by spreading the truth and speaking out when you see it twisting in the wind.

Join the movement.

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