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Trigly: Geometric Structures Amidst Expansive Landscapes

While looking through various art inspired hashtags on Instagram I stumbled upon an intriguing artist named Trigly. His work consists of manipulated/edited landscapes with looming geometric shapes and designs that feel completely natural despite the clearly surreal intention. Trigly expertly weaves scientific-looking lines and shapes with lush tone and drama-filled landscapes. Through collaboration with other artists on Instagram, Trigly is able to demonstrate the power of art in our contemporary world; where surreal feels real, collaboration is king, and mobile art is unmistakably an important creative movement.


When did you start manipulating photos? Are you a professional artist or is this something you do as more of a creative outlet?

1. Well I really began manipulating photos about a year and a half ago just as a creative outlet. I literally had zero background in photography, design work, or graphic design when I began so I'm not a professional by any means. As my work has improved though I have started to receive a lot more exposure and actually have a few projects in the works that I'm pretty stoked about that could possibly make this into more of a profession for me in the future.


Collaboration is a big part of your work. Can you talk about how this became such a big part of your creative process?

2. Man, collaboration is key for me. A lot of what I have learned about mobile artwork came through collaborations with other artists on Instagram. The community we have on Instagram is amazing. I don't have the pleasure of living in an area with incredible landscapes and I don't get to travel much right now, so I end up using a lot of "Free For All" images which other artists on IG share with the community for anyone to use. So many people aren't able to go out and capture their own shots so that idea of sharing is so crucial. The sense of community and the willingness to share ideas is what collaboration is all about to me. Collaborating has helped turn me onto different apps and techniques to use so without it, I wouldn't be where I am today.


Due to the geometric patterns and/or shapes interwoven with nature scenes, your work almost has a scientific feel to it. Is that your intention?

3. I'm not really sure if my intention is to give my edits a scientific feel, maybe surreal is a better word? But yeah, I've been fascinated with geometric forms as well as incredible landscapes so interweaving the two was a no-brainer for me.


Your use of color and tone is intriguing. Do you start out with a color scheme in mind for each photo?

4. Tones. Haha I really don't know how I come up with the color schemes as well as I do, this may be one of the more difficult aspects to explain. You either have an eye for it or you don't. I usually don't start out with any tones in mind. That usually just adds frustration when I'm not able to accomplish what I set out to do. I usually just go with the flow when it comes to color.


What are your favorite apps? Do you have a specific process when using these apps?

5. First off, the apps out now have come so far from when I first started doing this. It's insane some of the apps that are out now for mobile editing. Mextures by Merek Davis is one of the greatest apps ever conceived. Mextures is probably the only app I use on EVERY edit. I've also had the pleasure and honor of getting to know Ben Guerrette with Pixite Apps, creators of apps such as Fragment, Tangent, Lory Stripes, Union, Decosketch, and the forthcoming Matter App. I've been lucky enough to be a part of their beta testing team for about a year now so I've been able to play with a lot of their apps before they are released. I also use a few of the Brainfever Apps such as Alien Sky and Lense Light. VSCO Cam is crucial. Artstudio is another huge one, although it's pretty complicated, that I use frequently. Right now my main apps would probably be Mextures, Union, Artstudio, VSCO, and Matter. The process usually depends on what apps I'm using and how complex each particular edit is going to be. The app game is crazy right now and it's only going to grow more.


Who are some of your favorite artists/artistic influences?

6. The influences on my work come from so many different inspirational sources. I love album artwork. Pretty Lights, KOAN Sound, TYCHO, Gladkill, Michal Menert, Artifakts, and At Dawn We Rage, to name a few, have inspired me a ton through their album artwork. Instagram artists like Frozen_light aka Rob Simonsen, Samwoodsiv aka Sam Woods, Thejustinjohnston aka Justin Johnston, Merekdavis aka Merek Davis, and Dutty_rock_dub aka Derek Youngberg have all been highly influential on my works and continue to be. I know I am probably leaving a lot of inspirational sources out but I really get inspiration from everyone and anything.



Luba Fauber
Luba Fauber

August 08, 2015

Thank you ever so for you post. Much obliged.

Aaron Atanacio
Aaron Atanacio

August 15, 2014

Amazing interview! Trigly has been a huge inspiration for me. I can honestly say that i started editing because of his work. Ive had the pleasure to collab with him a few times now and one of our collabs is posted in this interview . My insta username is aaron_m feel free to check it out!!!

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