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Calling Out the World's False Prophets

I told everyone people will attack us and call us evil. We chose a name that to many has a religious meaning: False Prophet.

But we use it differently and see ourselves as a radical political entity. We aim to call out the False Prophets of the world. The politician who leads us into war based on lies. The corporation sickening people by adding all kinds of chemicals and modified genetics into our food. To the news corps feeding people everything but the truth.

False Prophets wear thousand dollar suits, mislead the public, enrich their families and friends while lowering wages and opportunities of the middle and lower classes. They scream class warfare when we push back but they wage war on us daily. They use sly language to divide us. Men against women, gay against straight, black against white and whatever else works.

We've been done with these bullshit labels for far too long. Last year I said they're all False Prophets. They peddle religion, capitalism, racism, classism and a ton of other isms. We're done eating this shit figuratively and literally. I know for sure we aren't the only ones.

Everywhere we go we hear the same thing. "We love what you're doing and we are glad you're speaking truth to power!" people say. This brings me back to the hate we receive from time to time. We stand united with all walks of life and if you think we're evil you need to take a closer look at what we're about.

We believe a political revolution is necessary to challenge the elite. Nothing evil about that. We understand our icons and symbols at times unnerve Christians. We hear from them the most. Again, we're not ant-religious or anti-Christian and stand with all people. We all deserve to be free and until we take back our democracy we will use the images we chose to highlight the injustices we see.

If you're offended then so be it. We're not waiting for God. The time is now. The class war was sparked hundreds of years ago. Beware of False Prophets that manipulate language, politics, religion, class positions and race to undermine us. #wechoosetruth 

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January 26, 2016

legalize freedom now.
if we don’t who will?
the truth will be shown.

2016 is the awakening of the world.
Do we want to live with love and in peace or live in control?

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